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At FAMILY EXTENDED CARE OF ALBANY, our hospitality department ensures you receive nutritious meals three times daily – and if the featured dish is not your preference, other healthy, nutritionally balanced options are always available. While enjoying mealtime, our residents are engaged as they are in the perfect setting that promotes social interaction. To find out more about our dynamic meal plans, please contact us.

Take a look at one of our sample menus.

Wellness, Lifestyle and a Peace of Mind

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Changes are inevitable, but being equipped and having a plan can make all the difference in how it affects your daily life. We want you to feel confident knowing that we are always here to listen and collaborate with you and your family to personalize solutions that support your needs as they evolve.
A lifestyle on your own terms is what we are all about. When your choices are being honored, it helps you live at your peak level and within a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, and fulfillment. Family Extended Care of Albany adjoins inspired dining experiences and vibrant lifestyle activities in a common venue for all of our residents. Each month they enjoy themed experiences, special events, group activities that spotlight various concepts, cultures and cuisines, and so much more!

Ultimately, we hope you will choose to make your home here with us. When you do, you’ll discover the life you want for yourself has been waiting for you here all along.

Recreational Activities

Group of cheerful senior friends sitting and watching TV together

At FAMILY EXTENDED CARE OF ALBANY, there are many recreational options to choose from. There are many daily indoor and outdoor programs available for your enjoyment, wellness, and preferences. Our comprehensive activities and classes are designed by our experts to enhance mobility, strength, cognition, relaxation, balance, flexibility, and overall health.

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Some of the best things about our community here at FAMILY EXTENDED CARE OF ALBANY is that it is a comfortable, yet safe place for your loved ones to go about their daily routines. The accommodations that we provide are equipped with comfortable, home-like features so that your loved one will feel right at home.

  • Private and Semi-private accommodations available
  • Call and alert system within the facility
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Cable TV
  • Internet and Phone
  • Shared common living areas that promote social interaction
  • Secure courtyard


Cheerful senior friends gathered together at cozy small patio and remembering funny stories from their past, they wearing knitted sweaters and warming themselves with herbal tea
  • Expert Concierge Staff
  • Refined Dining Room – Private Dining Available
  • Social Cafe
  • Our community is pet-friendly
  • Fitness Center – with weekly physical fitness classes
  • Creative Club – Explore your inner artistic abilities
  • Private Libraries
  • Nutritious Meal Packages that suit your lifestyle
  • Weekly Housekeeping – Weekly Laundry Service
  • Transportation
  • Utilities included (Electricity, Cable, Water)
group of seniors sitting on a chair